If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire
— St. Catherine of Sienna

Hello, Friend!

I am part of a world filled with strong women who hail from the land of evergreens, misty skies and arguably best coffee in the States. Over the course of my life, I have lived in 8 states, 11 cities (San Diego, Nashville, Austin, D.C., Bar Harbor to name a few!) and 33 different locations - safe to say I've learned the art of adaptability! I am one of five sisters, all of us raised by a brave single mom. When I was growing up I thought I wanted to run beautiful hotels and travel the world, and spent my college years and the few directly after working in the hospitality industry. That is until my dreams and purpose got rerouted leading me to be part of a major social justice movement. I’ve been on an unexpected and beautiful journey ever since.

In 2011 I joined the team at Invisible Children, learning the power of what small and mighty teams can do (including launch historically viral digital campaigns). In March 2014 I moved to Nashville, TN to build a team called, KAIO - where I re-connected to my southern roots falling in love with the people of that city, causing it to feel like a forever home. Part of the beauty of Nashville is it’s creative and collaborative spirit and in 2016, I co-founded Little Voices Are Loud with a powerhouse group of women. Since then I have been privileged to work with and support the teams of WELD Nashville, Q Ideas, IF:Gathering, STORY and the International Justice Mission.

To put it simply, I believe in your dreams of a better world and want to be in the dream building trenches with you to propel us towards whole, daring lives and teams. Whether through building experiences, strategic planning (my #1 Strengthsfinder is Strategic followed close by Empathy #thinkerfeeler) or project management.  Let's throw a lot of creativity (and good coffee) into your next project, together! My heart is never more full than when I am creating experiences and spaces or working with companies that move and inspire.

Keep Daring,

Suzanna Rose

On the life bucket list: produce a film (or share a meal) with Oprah (and Brene Brown)

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