Suzanna Hendricks

experience design + strategic planning

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I am a creative strategist who loves the building process of daring visions. My background has been spent with teams, working from ideation to execution (and every where in between). Managing the in-depth details of large scale events, strategy and brand development projects.  With experience ranging from multi-day conferences, retreats, launch events, donor experience + partnerships, mobilization initiatives, global travel management, live productions of 5,000+, brand launch(es), to creative direction.  


Strategy & Creative Direction

With over 10 years of experience spanning the non-profit, for-profit, hospitality and common good sectors, I have learned along the way that thoughtful strategic planning, events, experience — combined with powerful storytelling and strong teams — can change culture and leave a lasting impact.


International Justice Mission

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Invisible Children: 2013 Fourth Estate




Invisible Children: 2011 Fourth Estate

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Little Voices Are Loud

For over 20 years, I have had the privilege of working with professionals of world class intelligence and leadership capabilities, and Ms. Hendricks is among the most gifted I have encountered.
— Gary Haugen | CEO & Founder, IJM